Seizenn − Band Weaving Pattern Editor

Edit mode

Plain and colors ("c" key)
Pickup thread ("e" key)
Drop thread (shift on PU mode)
Dual Color thread ("d" key)

Symmetrical click ("s" key)

Display options

Color code
5 (5)
2 (2)
5 (5)
5 (5)
white borders

Global color pallet

Manage colors available in your basket

color chooser:

manage your local color pallet

Loom color pallet

Colors you want to use in your loom. Click to select or use 1 to 6 keys

Loom parameters

Number of threads
Pattern length

Text editor

Main Pallet
Loom Pallet



Plain base for pickup



Save, Export

Direct link :

Update short link :


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This tool is an editor for inkle loom patterns. You can create plain weave and pickup patterns
For an introduction to inkle loom, visit
!!! Band Weaving Pattern Editor Demo Video by Annie MacHale !!!
Look at the blog and at the news for tips and informations on last updates.


You need to choose the edition mode you want to use (on the left).
First, create a plain weave pattern using the "color" mode. Just select a color on the "loom color pallet" and clic on the pattern.
  • global pallet: you can list all the colors you have in your basket. You can use this list for all your patterns.
  • pick color get the selected color into the color chooser. You can then adjust it and use the "replace" button to save the change.
  • loom pallet: just select from the global pallet the colors you want to use for your pattern. Use "add", "remove" and "replace" buttons to take a color from you global pallet into the loom pallet, remove it or do a swap.
  • rotate and shuffle: to permute colors used in the pattern.
  • loom width: to change the numbers of threads of the loom
  • symetry: just replicate the left part of the pattern on the right part.
When the plain weave pattern is OK, and if you want, you can switch to the "pickup" or the "pickdown" mode.
In one of those modes, click on your pattern to pickup a thread.
In "pick" mode, the reset button will just remove the pickups, the plain weave pattern will stay.
If the loom is too short, you can adjust its length.

Save a pattern

To save a pattern, look at the «export» panel on the left.
  • The direct link is updated automatically when you do a change. You can use it to save a pattern or a global color pallet.
  • You can create a short link to share you pattern. The «save» button create both a short link and a VisualCode.
    Only use this function when you think your pattern is finished
  • To create a PNG picture of your pattern, use the «create PNG» button. Be sure to update first the short link.
    A new picture is visible on the central bloc or you can just click on the link "link to png".


Use the "direct link" to:
  • Save a pattern to keep trace of your global color pallet
  • Share a pattern: just send the link (see exemples on "exemples" bloc)
  • For advanced users, hack you pattern or your pallet by modifying the link


In progress project. Feel free to send comments on the blog page using the link at the top of the page.