TAK4D a 4-dimensional journey

Tak4d is :
4D 4 dimensions TAK4D 4D dimensions object viewer
4D dimensions object viewer

Visualizing a 4 dimensional geometric space using 4 coordinated 3 dimensional views

SeiZenn : Band weaving Pattern Editor

See SeiZenn-Interface.pdf and SeiZenn-Create-your-first-pattern.pdf for a short introduction to SeiZenn.
SeiZenn band weaving pattern editor SeiZenn band pattern editor


Tool for visualizing families of sequences in a toric subnetwork of Z[i], a finite discrete set of dimension 2 closed in on itself.
Heuliad heuliad

Chaori: Game of Chaos visualization tool

Chaori - game of chaos


For the moment mainly devoted to web weaving and pattern editing


Projects linked to the Ergodis association and BÉPO keyboard layout (bepo.fr)