Norwegian Pick-up Bandweaving with pattern editor

On the page, there is a link to a Norwegian Pick-up Bandweaving tutorial (

Let’s see how pattern editor could help us.

Plain pattern

Following the tutorial, first create a base plain pattern like the next one ( Don’t worry for the colors, it’s easy to change them later.

Pickup threads

Using this base, you can then pickup some threads.

Select « Pickup thread »   and click on pattern to get:

Save your pattern, click on « reset » and you could create the next ones:

For last two, don’t forget to select first the « symmetrical click » option to save some clicks.

Drop thread

When you are OK with pickup, you could try to drop threads. First pickup some threads and then select the « drop thread » option 

You could easily get one of these

At first, using this editor could seems complicated compared to the use of a square pattern as in the tutorial. But for a beginner the editor shows clearly what happens to threads during weaving. Furthermore, it’s very simple to play with colors.

We also will see next time how to include a pickup pattern in a larger loom project.

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