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  1. Hi Jeff –

    I am just learning the program, and it is great, thank you for creating it. Is it possible to save a pattern I am working on (in version 2 of the program) just to my patterns/gallery, so it is not public until it’s ready?


    1. Hi Ann

      Thank you for your support.

      In the new version, pattern you are working on is automaticaly saved. If you shut down your computer and then open Seizenn again with the same web-browser you should see your pattern.

      This doesn’t work if you need to work on a pattern from different computers (don’t know if someone need to do this…), or if you are working on different patterns at the same time. In those cases, you can find your pattern description in the “load, save” menu on the left. Down the submenu there is a textarea, it should begin with “m=”. Copy the content somewhere to keep track of your pattern. You can send it by mail etc. To load your pattern back, just paste the text in the textarea and click the button.

      The “save” button save your pattern on my database. Storage is not infinite and has a cost. If I want to keep service free, I can’t afford to everyone to save every drafts.
      As I saw that some use this button to keep a link to patterns they like, I added a “like” button in the public gallery (on the thumbnail, click on the “+” button to show the description).
      If you saved a pattern and don’t want everyone to see it, open the description in your private list and click on the “restrict” button (ø) or delete. But please keep in mind it’s not a way to “hide dust under the carpet”. And don’t forget to keep some of your patterns public to show your work.

      Other technical solutions would be possible with more work and if there is a clear need.

      Hope it helps. I should maybe write a post about this.


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