Technical detail on yurt bands


The post  explains how to create a yurt band.

The squared pattern is clear


With a direct retranscription in the pattern editor we get


Not exactly what we want. Why?

  • In a real ribbon, threads that are picked up are not as compressed as the others and seem wider. The tool doesn’t reproduce that. We already saw this in Norwegian pickup test. But here it’s a problem since on the left a yellow and green vertical line appears that doesn’t appear on the right.
  • Editor is a basic tool with a few tricks to keep it simple. When two adjacent threads are picked up, a trick is revealed and the tool doesn’t display well the threads.


Real ribbon will be better looking than the numerical preview.

Do I need to update the editor to handle that?

It seems that squared pattern is sufficient for advanced users, the editor may not be very useful for pickup pattern. Nice to choose colors but maybe not to create patterns.

It is also interesting for beginners to understand how to weave. But it also could be misleading. As a beginner I probably chose a more complicated solution like one of the followings.

With 3 more threads the preview is nice, and the “symmetrical click” mode helps a lot.

To keep ribbon narrow this could be also a symmetrical solution.

My favorite could have been this one

We saw that the pattern editor is a bit limited for pickup. Is an update is needed ? And what to enhance first? Thread compression or superposition?

An other solution could be to add a “square mode” for pickup users.

Let me know what you think about this.


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