Editor update


Pattern editor had been modified a bit few days ago. This post aims to list the most visible improvements.

Folding menu

Left menu can now be fold :

Just click to display content : 


Color codes

In display options, you can choose to display RGB color code 


By selecting or not the “color code” checkbox, you can get just colors

or also colors and RGB color codes





Color pallet

In color pallet there is a small improvement with either rotate left and rotate right of the color pallet.

If during your experiments you included lot of colors in your loom color pallet, at the end the “clean” button will remove all unused colors.

Text editor

The main modification is in “loom parameters” with the “text editor”.

Just click on “text editor” to get acces to every parametres of your loom.

You can adjust colors by hand, modify your pattern etc. Click “update” to take into account your modifications.

Thanks to this, you can easily try a pattern made by someone with with your color pallet (just past the “draft” string).

Be careful, there is no error check. If you do a mistake, result could be strange.

A post will be dedicated to this new function.

Baltik base

Last point, in “Tools”, a “baltik base” button creates a background pattern for baltik pickup.

With this color pallet   you will get this pattern




Hope you will enjoy those new improvements.



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