A few improvements for this new year


For this new year I present to you some small improvements for Seizenn.

Lists of patterns

When you save a pattern, it is by default visible for everyone in the public list. It’s now possible to make it private using the “restrict” button in you private list.

Loom colors

You can have colors in your «loom palette» that are not used in your pattern. Now those colors are bordered with brown like this :

Rigid heddle pattern

In loom editor you can load default pattern for some popular rigid heddle

You then get

New tools

Seizenn was first designed for plain weave or baltik bands. I then added a grid tool. I recently wanted to explore some other weaving technics.

Now you have two new tools.

The first one to draw heddle loom patterns


A second one to draw tablet patterns


Those tools are very simple, I mainly created them to undestand how those kinds of pattern work. They reuse main principles of seizenn, and I just added a few new things like right-click menu in tablet tool.

I could improve them if they would be useful for someone.


3 thoughts on “A few improvements for this new year

  1. Many thanks for all your work on this, I love the program! One thing that you could add that would be really helpful would be a progress tracker for use beside the loom. I have an ipad or phone beside me while I weave, and it would be great if it could highlight the row I am working on so that I can see at a glance from the grid view which threads to pick up, with a ‘next’ button to advance to the next row. even better if the thread number stayed visible near the threads. On a large chart it can be difficult/slow to follow the line up to the top or bottom to get your thread number to make sure you have the right one. I have only recently come across your program, and am learning pick up weaving. I enjoy designing my own patterns so your program has been a wonderful thing to find 🙂

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