A few improvements

First, I was asked to add a some keyboard shorcuts to the grid tool. It’s now much more efficient if you use a lot the selection tools.


I also added some visual helps to the realistic tool.

On the left threading description, a red line show the middle of the band.


In the display panel, there are two new options.


First the ability to show row numbers. 

In fact, this option not only show row numbers but also heddle thread number.

With the «vertical guide» option you can add vertical lines to you pattern display. You can choose between no line, just a line on the middle or a red line on the middle and a blue line every 4 thread.


Last modification, on the weaving ruler you now have information of the picks, drops and dual colors of the previous row.

Here :

  • the dual color is used for heddle threads 2,3, 11, 21, 29 and 30
  • on the previous row, it was the open threads 3, 4, 7, 11 etc
  • the thread between heddle threads 5 and 6 is picked up
  • the heddle thread 7 was picked up during the previous row.

2 thoughts on “A few improvements

  1. Having problems with new pattern generator using both Samsung S6 lite tablet and Samsung S10 running Chrome browser. Working nicely on PC running windows 11 & Chrome.
    I am unable to select colors in the main color pallet or in the current project pallet (except reorder within the pallet).
    The color at the first position in either pallet is the one used ( to move from main pallet to project pallet, or from project pallet into project – The 1st position color only one that is selected. Reorder of either pallet works.
    The pallets are in editable (green icon) mode.
    Thanks for enhanced version and hope this problem can be resolved.

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