New way to locally save pattern


In a previous post  I explained how to share patterns.

Since this post, I added a way to locally save patterns on your computer. You can use it to save you drafts in “inkle” and “grid” tools. I will think about adding this function to “heddle” and “tablet” tools.

In the «Load, Save, Export» left menu, there is now a button to save your patterns on your computer.

The saved patterns appear at the bottom of the pattern page

Don’t forget to share some patterns from time to time to show your work.

5 thoughts on “New way to locally save pattern

  1. As requested, it’s now possible to localy save “heddle” and “tablet” patterns.

    Maybe a way to export and load patterns that are locally saved would be useful. For the moment, the usual way to do that is to share the pattern on the server.

  2. First, I would like to thank you to share this wonderfull tool.

    Regarding this post, local save is a great option but on my side this is not working.

    For tabletweaving pattern, I just get the following button on “Load, Save, Export” menu bloc:
    – Load from a short code
    – Default pattern
    – Share the pattern
    – create a picture
    – load a gtt file
    – create a thumbnail
    – Create from the text

    Do I do something in a wrong way?

    1. Thanks a lot for your feedback.

      It was not clear in the post. For the moment I just added this new way to localy save patterns in the “inkle” and “grid” tools. It’s not available in the “heddle” and “tablet”.

      I understand it would be useful, I will think about adding it soon.

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