A new version of the pattern editor for test


Annie sent me a copy of her book https://www.etsy.com/shop/ASpinnerWeaver. I’m very happy that the pattern editor could have helped her to write such a great book.



I then decided to update and simplify the seizenn editor. You can found a test version on http://www.raktres.net/seizenn/v2/editor.html, I need some feedbacks before I could replace the present version.

inkle wave pattern editor - raktres.net

Some improvements :

  • new look
  • drag and drop for colors
  • a “value” button, to view a pattern in black and white (page 8 of Annie’s book)
  • a button to load a pattern from a short code
  • and few other things

Fell free to send comments if you find bugs or if something doesn’t work the way you would like to.

Hope you will like it.




6 thoughts on “A new version of the pattern editor for test

  1. This new version of your seizenn editor looks like it will be really good. I tried to determine what each button does, but could only figure out a few of them.

    Do you have a list of each button’s function, please?

    1. Hi

      Thank you for your message.

      I’m working on a documentation, hope I would publish it soon. As I’m still modifying interface a bit and looking for a better set of icons it would be difficult to keep it up to date.

      Waiting for it, a few hints:
      – if you leave mouse on a button, a short description should popup (doesn’t work well on a tablet);
      – the new version works quite exactly as the old one. If you know the old one, v2 could be quite straitforward. The main difference is drag and drop on colors.

      I was also asked for a video tutorial. I think about it seriously but first attempts are not very good.


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