pickup with rigid heddle


I wanted to try rigid heddle. I ordered it on https://shop.stoorstalka.com/en/products/weaving/, and received it quickly with a nice handwritten note.

First try

I then designed a pattern for key ring raktres.net/l/bR (you can also try with the new version of the editor)

Then wove it using the picture from the editor

The pattern quite accurate.

Edit on october 22 2021:

The main difference comes from the size of the yarns that was not rendered. With the new update, you now get

4 thoughts on “pickup with rigid heddle

  1. Is there any chance you could make a video using that heddle? Am I correct that the long and short slots are used to get the pickups?
    I bought one and would like to see it in use. I haven’t touched it yet.

  2. This isn’t really a comment, it’s a question: How does one post to the blog, or is it strictly yours? Your tool is superb, but I have some questions on use and would like to post them.

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